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Genetic Algorithm Using Matlab

Download the source code written in Matlab (here)

Simulação do algoritmo ICA baseado em PCA

This video describes the simulation algorithm using ICA PCA approach. This video uses two signals in the waveform using MATLAB to estimate the original sources

kNN Simulation using Matlab

source code

Variable neighborhood search (Clustering)

Kit DE2 - Hello World on your FPGA Altera (Windows 8.1 64bits)

Level control based on NNARX

This was my final course work in computer engineering in 2007. We implement a Java program that identifies and controls the plant.

MDAV algorithm and its operation (Microaggregation)

Simulation of simple heuristics MDAV. And a comparison with other heuristics. Next, do a test with the Census data base.

Introduction to p-median problem